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Hey guys! If you have any questions please read FAQ or you can also contact us.

Please only use photographs with permission and full attribution with a link to the site. All photographs are ©2020 Grill Food Bites.

Well I do read and try to implement the recipe (content) from talented food bloggers around the world. While I’m consistently thriving on new blogs to read, I’ve compiled this blog to be a complete package related to grill food.

I have a Nikon D 90 dSLR and use an 18-105mm lens. Some times in a hurry when I can’t get my hands on the camera, I use my Samsung Smartphone instead.

I only shoot with natural light (and the addition of a few strategically-placed poster boards).

  • Friends and family
  • Magazines
  • Other Blogs
  • My constant food cravings

My typical process for recipes is often something like this:

  1. See an idea that gets me excited – cookbook, friend’s lunch, or something on the menu at a restaurant.
  2. Look at the ingredient list or research the techniques if necessary, like googling “best cut of meat for carnitas”.
  3. Make the dish on my own, not following any particular completely but getting the core idea on point.

There are so many great recipes out there so it would be ridiculous if I was only making my own stuff all the time. That’s what cooking is all about – sharing good food! So yes, occasionally use others’ recipes on my blog, whether that means a recipe from my mom’s friend or a favorite cookbook or a blog that I really like. If I do make a recipe that comes from someone else, I will credit them in the author section of the recipe.

I have no formal culinary training and no special expertise. I’m just a regular, hungry, self-taught Indian guy who likes to cook, eat, and share feel-good food.

If you’re looking for any particular recipe, then there’s search bar on the top that makes it easy for you to search for a specific recipe or recipe type. There are also categories for special Vegan, Meat, Seafood and other relevant categories. I’m constantly trying to bring up better content every week.

When it comes to cuisine this is my favorite niche and I’ve always been an avid lover of grilling. Cooking food amidst the nature near a river or anywhere outdoors is one of the best things to do, and grilling can be easily performed in such circumstances.

Yes, I’ll definitely publish recipes related to other form of cuisines but as of now I’d like to share my grilling experiences to my viewers at the fullest.

I’m not sure, but I’m happy to help you try to figure it out. The comments section of a post is a great place to have that discussion so others can benefit from what you figure out and contribute to the conversation. Sometimes recipes might have typos or need clarification, so if you find something confusing, please leave a comment or shoot me an email so we can get it cleared up.

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