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5 Benefits of Grilled Food or Grilling

To be honest I haven’t met anyone in person who doesn’t like grilled food. If a person is vegan or a meat lover it doesn’t matter, the beauty of those grill marks and a smoky smell can make your taste buds go gaga for that and the oldest cooking method in human civilization has many advantages compared to modern-day methods. So, lets elaborate a few benefits of grilled food or grilling that makes it irresistible.

So how do we define grilling? It’s a form of cooking where we apply direct heat or dry heat to raw food. Usually the surface underneath, the sides and above (while the grill is closed) comes in direct contact with the heat. Grilling is not time-consuming, thus the scorching  heat breaks down the food tissues easily and the most preferred way to cook meat/ seafood or veggies outdoors.

I believe there should be a balance between taste & health and both should be given equal priority. A common stereotype that exists is tasty food can’t be healthy and vice versa.  But not in this case, grilling makes food tasty and healthy as well. As compared fried food – tasty but not healthy, baked/steamed – healthy but not always tasty. So let’s quickly catch up on some of the best parts about grilled food.

1. Grilled food has low-fat content, hence low in calories

One of the major health benefits of grilled food is low-fat content. Because of the dry heat, the fat drips off the grill gates and thus results in the release of fat from the food. Further, it gets cooked on the grill. Have you ever thought of cooking pork ribs or beef steak on a frying pan? The worst part is the meat fat getting pooled on the sides or getting scattered all over doing no good at all.

2. The essential nutrients are maintained

So have you heard of riboflavin and thiamine? These are the essential nutrients that get preserved in the food (steak/fillets) when you’re giving it a flip on the grill. For people who are following a strict food chart or those who aren’t, both of these nutrients are vital when it comes to a healthy diet. There are other health benefits too, which we will discuss in another article.

3. Grilled food Uses less oil/butter

We love that extra butter or a teaspoon of oil in our food, don’t we? But as I mentioned earlier there should be a balance between health and taste. While we grill meat/ veggies, the grill locks in more moisture content and that makes cooking much easier with the minimum amount of oil or butter used. You don’t have to reach out to apply more condiments to improve the intricacy.

So, what have we concluded? Not only we are consuming fewer calories, but also we are putting less unhealthy elements in our bodies.

4. Grilling veggies make them delicious and healthy

I feel that apart from vegans, non-vegans should also treat their taste buds with varieties of veggies with exquisite flavors. One important factor that people generally don’t get is that the retention of vitamins and minerals in vegetables is more when they’re grilled. Veggies that have low water content are examples such as broccoli, cauliflower, fava beans, carrots, etc.

On the other hand, we use fresh veggies for grilling rather than preserved or canned ones. Try wrapping up the veggies in a tin foil or directly placing over the grill; trust me it’s way more healthy and nutritious as compared to frying or boiling.

5. Grilling and outdoor activities are meant for each other

When planning for outdoor activities or a backyard/terrace party with friends, family or relatives then grilling is what doubles the fun always. It makes you go outdoors, spending quality time, and relishing the cooking as well. To be honest this act of cooking and eating outdoors encourages more activities. A pint of beer is all you need along with such delicacies.

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